Why Should I Support This Student

Why Should I Support This College Student?

Whether or not you have personally attended college or graduate school, you can certainly understand that everyone needs financial resources for their everyday lives.  You work and earn your financial resources through your job, career or business so that you can afford your rent or mortgage, car and/or transportation expenses, groceries, entertainment and the many other daily, weekly and monthly expenses that you need to live.

Well, students have these same expenses.  However, most students are in school full time.  This means that their everyday schedules are filled with classes, projects, presentations, labs, meetings with professors and deans and the like.  Students do not always have the opportunity to dedicate time to earn money to support their educational expenses.  The following chart explains it clearly and concisely.  This only includes some of the expenses that you and students may have:

Rent/Mortgage Board/Rent/Living Expenses
Food Food
Car/Transportation Car/Transportation
Technology Technology
Clothing Clothing
Savings/Investments Tuition & Fees
Entertainment Books/Online Course Resources
Cell Phone/Internet Cell Phone/Internet

So as you see, there is not much difference between you and the college student in terms of everyday expenses.  The biggest difference is that college students do not always have the opportunity to work a job or run a business in order to meet their many financial demands, both big (e.g., tuition and fees) and small (e.g., cell phone).

It should go without saying (but we will), the student loan industry is in shambles.  Student loans are just not the best alternative for college students.  Student are graduating college and graduate school with enough debt to cripple their opportunity for financial growth in their 20s, 30s, 40s and even 50s.  Students are facing debilitating monthly payments just six months after graduating school.  The instances are too numerous where students experience monthly student loan payments that far exceed their rent/mortgage and other living expenses.  We just simply cannot allow our students and future professionals to end up in these devastating and desperate situations.

For our college students to truly be successful, focus on the rigors of their academic schedules and coursework and meet their full potential, they need the help of donors just like you.  Every little bit helps and goes a long way for these students.  Check out the Gift Bags of our amazing students and make a change in the life of a college student today.

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