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Students create Scholarships for recurring educational expenses such as food, transportation, tuition and other college related expenses. On the Student’s Profile page, you will have the opportunity to read their story and see how important you are to their success. Your Scholarship Gift means a student can focus on their academics.

Kyana S., Howard U.

"This is awesome. I'm able to get my donations every week to my Cash App."

Mitch W., U. of Colorado

"It was so simple to create my Scholarship and blast it on my social media."

Mai L., Mount Holyoke

"I can do everything on the app! All of my donors are so supportive."

Tyler R., Trinity U.

"Now I'm able to get money every week for transportation to and from campus."

What Makes Dormoney Work?

Donors like you give to Students that need.


Dormoney allows college students to share their college based financial needs with family, friends and much larger audiences in order to receive maximum support for their educational expenses. Dormoney's network is world wide giving our Students the opportunity to receive Gifts so they can focus on their academic success.

There are individuals across this world that see how Students are seeking to educate themselves but also see struggles like the student loan debt crisis. These individuals want to help but previously did not have a safe, trusted way to provide that help. Dormoney has changed that and has turned "individuals" into a community of amazing and generous Dormoney Donors, connecting them to hard-working and deserving Students.

With Dormoney, Students are able to tell their story through their Scholarship Profiles. When Donors send Gifts, Students are able to request withdrawals and receive their funds in just days to meet their educational expenses.

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