Scholarship Profile Tips

Here are some tips for creating awesome Scholarship Profiles:

1. TELL YOUR STORY! Use the video option to create a video where you are talking about yourself and why you are looking for Donors’ support. You can also do a video showing scenes from your college life or relevant to your Scholarship Profile category. Keep it concise and to the point and dynamic.

2. Create your Scholarship Profile with outstanding, relevant photos. Choose photos that relate to your Scholarship category.

3. Make sure your Student Profile is updated with your latest information, e.g. a photo, your major, interests and year in school. Visitors and Donors will see your Student Profile page as well as your Scholarship page.

4. Keep your Scholarship dollar amounts reasonable. If you are looking for transportation costs, an amount of $200 a week sounds a bit unreasonable. Make your Scholarship amounts reasonable and the frequency (weekly, monthly, one-time) realistic.

5. DON’T FORGET TO THANK YOUR DONORS! Send them a Thank You Note to show your appreciation. They are sure to continue to provide Scholarship Gifts and even share your links with others.

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